“Everything You Thought You Knew About DNA Was Proven Wrong After You Received Your First Telepathic Message” by Jeremy Podgursky

06/09/22 WHAT’S COOKING?

So I have this thang called a summer going right now, and I need to fill it with things other than stasis and observing entropy. The summer course I was supposed to teach got cancelled, so here I am twiddling thumbs. The old theme for my website had caused enough seizures and I have been feeling a bit like the Phoenix rising (slowly, albeit) from the ashes of the last couple of years. So here’s my new theme: a renewed sense of pride in presentation might actually start the old “fake it ’til you make it” machine to start sputtering glittery clouds of smoke and beautiful noise. 

“So, um, Jeremy, um, are you writing music anymore?”

“Well, yeah. But not kinetically. Just potentially. But also not for you. Or anyone else. What’s the point?”

That’s where I’ve been coming from for the last two years, and I have to be my own tugboat and drag myself out into those good swells where you know that if you drop a line, you’re likely to pull up an alien life form with two air bladders and a lamp for an eyeball. So what exactly is it that I am working on? I’ll humor myself and pretend someone’s reading this (and is actually interested).

I don’t know. A song. The first one in over a decade. I had to back-burner a sinfonietta piece that was the third in a series with “Mindjob” and “Gonna Get Your Soul Start Dancing” because of that stupid pandumbic. I want to dig that out, make it right, and find someone to commit to it. I may surprise a couple people with a piece that I may write for them. I might do something for modular synth and winds. I could do an album of just really quiet stuff that you can play while you sleep. Or I could just quit this music stuff altogether and open a Jerk Chicken food truck. The wind has yet to take me. Blow, wind, blow. 

As always, I am open to suggestions. That’s what the contact form is for.